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Hi team.
I'm a 27 yr IT veteran and have assisted a large number of companies over the years. You've developed a fantastic framework for windowing applications and sites. So I've purchased your app as I believe in supporting developers as. I've been down the road a number of times.

A few suggested additions.

As Ive purchased the app it is annoying that the free version appears in my app drawer. Can you remove or uninstall it please.

2. I use a significant number of apps for productivity away from my computer. Many of the productivity apps integrate with a website. Have you considered this from a data point of view? Eg say your moving between data apps, it would be cool to open the desktop versions with data loaded into them.

Many excellent productivity apps like Evernote, IFTTT and Todoist have open api so you could build upon these and many others to exist in a library such as you have done with say pdf.

I would make the resize grip on the bottom right of a window slightly larger or as an optional sizeable %

An option to reload windows/size/position and data from a given use session. I for 1 use multiple windows containing data that I copy between windows.

I haven't yet found the capability to add another app inside a window, is this possible?

I have used the browser to open sites that I like to copy data from. Eg. Banking or news.

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We can’t remove free version automatically. Just do it on your own. It’s not necessary to have both versions installed.

We’re planning new apps but our resources and time are limited :-). Good idea with open APIs.

It’s not possible to float normal apps because of Android limitations. We would love to have such a feature but it cannot be done.

I marking this complete because I’ve put important ideas to my list as separate todos.


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